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Snooze Brasileiro

After a long night of celebrating, Kyle wakes up to find everything in his room is upside down. He can’t remember anything that happened the night before, but Paulo and his Projector Helmet help to jog his memory.

First Fan Experience

Kyle goes out to the streets of Brazil for the first time and brings three original and rad helmets loaded with RadioShack technology. Kyle is never alone. Since Paulo, the taxi driver has now become his Brazilian partner in crime in all these helmets adventures.


Kyle puts on his helmet and a Brazilian-sized swimsuit to go to the beach with Paulo. At the beach, Kyle accepts a challenge to play soccer—a sport at which he is terrible. Paulo notices Kyle struggling and decides to lend a remote-control hand.

Airport to Hotel

Without knowing a word in Portuguese, Kyle finally lands in Rio de Janeiro. With the help of his translator helmet, he asks his Brazilian taxi driver, Paulo, to take him to his hotel via a beautiful scenic route. Clearly, Paulo and Kyle had a very different idea of what a scenic route was.


Did you know that you can knock down language barriers with your head? This helmet will also protect you from accidents that foreign languages can cause. You just have to add the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 and pair it with Beats Pill™ 2.0. wireless speakers. Now you can say what you want to say, even in Portuguese.


Enjoy Soccer Wherever You Go


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